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Plastic Doll 1. What is the difference between energy and power? What is a unit of power? How does speed relate to power?

.energy is the ability of doing work while power is the rate at whch work is done unit of power = Watts = 1J/s power = force * velocity 2. Explain how a sound is actually a form of energy? In what medium do sound waves travel?
The longitudinal waves generated by sound will create a wave that transfers at some rate , corresponds to transfer of energy.
They travel in all states of matter, but speed will be different in different matters. 3. Give an example of change of energy from potential to kinetic; from kinetic to potential.
The water falling from the mountains stores kinetic energy.....when falls its potential energy..... and the danamo kept under it gives us ELECTRICITY.... 4. What is a trophic level? Give some examples. How much energy is lost at each trophic level?
The trophic level is the position that an organism occupies in a food chain -what it eats, and what eats it. In an ecosystem there is almost always some foundation species that directly harvests energy from the sun, for example, grass. Next are herbivores (primary consumers) that eat the grass, such as the rabbit. Next are carnivores (secondary consumers) that eat the rabbit, such as a bobcat. There can be several intermediate links, which means that there can be another layer of predators on top, such as mountain lions, which sometimes eat bobcats.
The larger amount of energy is lost at each trophic level. There is only 10% of energy that is passed on to the next level. This therefore means that 90% of the energy is lost on each level.

5. If you eat 600 calories per day (roughly one dessert) below your energy needs, how long would it take to lose 10 pounds? How long would you have to walk (assuming 80 calories burned per mile walked) to lose…...

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