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Erikson- last three stages: Intimacy vs iso: close reciprocal connection. Not self-absorb. Emerging adult to lifelong iso..Divorce or death disruption.. Generativity vs stag: care for next generation. Raising own children or mentoring. Integrity vs despair: Erikson was 70 and decided on integrity. Personal journey from a person’s entire life in connection with society is the ultimate goal. Generativity: productive stage (7th). Art, care giving, employment. Caregiving: Kinkeeper: takes responsibility for maintaining communication among family. Sandwich Generation: middle aged adults squeezed by the needs of younger and older members of the family. Intimacy: connect with others; social convoy-family, friends, strangers who move through life with a person. Protective layer of social relation. Affects relationships with siblings and spouses. Integration of death and the acceptance of death.
Maslow- top to bottom: 5.Self Actualization: need to live into someone’s full potential. Aesthetic, creative, and spiritual understanding. 4. Esteem: achievement, competence, respect from others. 3. Love and belonging: need to be loved, belong and acceptance. 2. Safety: Feel safe/secure.1. Physiological: need food, drink, shelter.
Mid Life Crisis: 35-50yrs. Mostly men. Reflect back and evaluate life. Radical self-examination and transformation. Levinson study. The age 40 crucible-Gail Sheehy 1976.
Characteristics of Personality: (O.C.E.A.N):
“The Big Five”
Openness- imaginative, artistic, open to new experiences. Closed- higher IQ and verbal fluidity.
Consciousness- organized, self-disciplined. Careless- higher rate of college education.
Extroversion- outgoing, active, assertive. Higher verbal fluency- more likely to marry. Agreeableness- kind, helpful, generous. Hard to please.
Neuroticism- (placid) anxious, moody, self-punishing-more likely to divorce.
Ecological Niche:…...

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