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Kara and Jessie,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to organize the product development of the new Vision System we discussed earlier in the week. Per Kara request I have developed an organized breakdown of the development process in the form of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). A WBS is a useful tool used by project managers to help breakdown complex project into smaller subprojects into smaller pieces of work called Work Packages. This is useful to the project because it will clearly define what needs to be budgeted, scheduled and controlled.

As with every WBS a good project manager will work with the key stakeholders to gain insight and perspective on what steps need to be taken in order to have a successful project. When developing the WBS for this project I used the notes from our prior meeting to develop the WBS for Vision System. The WBS will be broken down by number for ease of reading and comprehension and the numbering system is as follows. 01 is the project, 01-01 will be considered the next sublevel of the project and then if necessary 01-01.1 until we reach our individual work packages.

Work Breakdown Structure for Vision System

01 – Vision System Product Development * – Market Feasibility 1-2.1 – Interview customers to determine current issues 1-2.2 – Meet with industry groups to determine market trends 1-2.3 – Determine if product can be sold for profit * – Concept Feasibility 1-3.4 – Research available technologies 1-3.5 – Develop prototypes for Vision System Project * – Critical Decision 1-4.6 – Review all data to determine if the project should move forward * – Design and Development 1-5.7 – Refine all important customer requirements 1-5.8 – Create detailed design 1-5.9 – Build prototypes…...

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