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It Could Happen, But Not Really

Nothing observed by the audience is by chance; the creator of the work had a specific reason to include that in his or her work. Often times an author uses colors, text, or multiple layers to put emphasis on one point with intent of drawing the audience’s attention. Everyone has a different way to connect his vision to the audience. Unlike the racism propaganda poster from World War II, which depicted the enemy as evil animals, posters made for the current war in Afghanistan use emotional pictures and subliminal messages through text to either promote the war or to criticize America’s presence in Afghanistan.

A propaganda poster titled, It Can Happen Here, was written by Lars Hasvoll Bakke in early 2006 and was printed in the Politico Magazine later that year. The poster did not appear in any other reputable magazines; but, it is available online for purchase. By using multiple layers of text along with vivid, destructive colors, Bakke is able to push his personal opinion of the war in Afghanistan. In an attempt to better connect with the audience on an emotional level, Bakke uses the image and powerful words to reach out to the audience.

The front plane of the image, which first draws the reader’s attention, depicts a destroyed home missing the majority of the sides and completely missing the roof. Beside the house can be seen an old style car that has also been destroyed with rubble all around. The color used for the sky is a mixture of orange and yellow. Above the house is the largest text used on the poster, which reads, “IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!” in bold red letters. Below the house, more text can be seen written in smaller font. The text used here, SOMEONE COULD DO TO US WHAT WE DID TO AFGHANISTAN, is written in all white on top of a blue background. A small image of a tank and an airplane shooting bullets is shown…...

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