Power Dynamics and Job Interviews

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The true benefits of any learning process are seen when they are applied outside the classroom. What are the key things that the student takes away from the lesson and how will they apply them. This process is most effective when those learnings are applied immediately to a situation that the student is facing. The author is currently attending job interviews following a period of unemployment. By approaching a job interviews as a negotiation, the author can break the process into phases of preparation, differentiation, exploration, and exchange, to examine what happens in each and how it can be improved. Sometimes the acceptance of the job may lead to further negotiations about terms and conditions, such as salary, leave entitlements and start date, however this discussion will look at the actual interview, between submission of the application and the job offer itself. Fells (2012, p. 8) described negotiation as like DNA, with the two parties being the strands and elements that give it support being reciprocity, trust, power, information exchange, ethics and outcome. This discussion will focus on the element of power and how it applies to job interviews. In particular the way that power is perceived by the interviewee, such that it is seen to be mainly with the interviewer. However, the balance of power shifts during the interview, a factor which can used by the interviewee to improve future negotiations.

Power is the capacity to influence others (McShane et al. 2013, p. 318). McShane et al. (2013, p. 318) note that power is not “the act of changing someone’s attitudes or behaviour; it is only the potential to do so”. It is also about the perception of dependence, not necessarily the ability to influence another party itself. Therefore it is possible to have power and not realise it or create a perception of power based on a false premise. Fells (2012,…...

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