Prevention Fod on Runways

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Final Research Methodology
Prevention FOD on Runways
RSCH202- Intro to Research Methods

Muhd Ridwan Bin Abdul Malek
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

A Brief Literature Review3
Research Questions4
Theoretical Framework4
Study Design5
Population and Sample 6
Variables and Measures6
Data Collection6
Data Analysis Methods 7
Actual Sampling and Data analysis8
Reference 9

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) has been a problem in the aviation industry. It is important to prevent FOD as it can affect the economic cost for airlines (McCreary, 2008), severe damages on turbine blades (Mehdi 2014) and shallow indentions can developed to a fatigue crack (Chen, 2001). The focus will be on preventing FOD on runway as it is the most important area to monitor in terms of safety aspects (McCreary, 2008). It is also important to examine the preventions in placed and its effectiveness within the organization.
A Brief Literature Review
Previous research done to prevent FOD has shown that there are several preventions lay out in the aviation industry. Some of them would be by training, inspection as well as maintenance (Bachtel 2008). For training, workers in the airport should receive training in identification as well as removal of FOD. This includes the potential consequences of overlooking it. Training is effective when the importance of safety is emphasis to personnel and passengers, direct and indirect cost of FOD. Procedures should be present in order to remove or eliminate FOD when needed. It can be reinforced by using posters and signs. Everyone should undergo recurrent training to maintain the awareness of FOD. For inspection, airline personnel should participate with the airport staff in daily runway inspection. With this, it encourages effective communication between airport and airline. Lastly, FOD…...

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