Problem Formulation and Identification

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Problem formulation and Identification Paper
Decision making is one of the most important aspects of leadership in business management. it influences and impacts the success of the organization. Therefore, it is very essential for managers to make great decision rationally and logically. Depending on the situation, there are different decision making models and decision making styles, and their tools and techniques to help manager identifying the root causes and resolutions for the problem. However, in order to execute using these models, styles, tools, and techniques effectively and successfully, a process must be in place to guide us step by step in a discipline manner yet flexible and allow us to alter or adjust and come up with the high quality outcome.
Without a process, we are likely to drag decisions into our comfort zone, handling different situation in exactly the same way, even though they have little in common. Without an organizational decision process, dynamic can easily become the predominate driver of our organizational culture and effectiveness. (Decision Quality, n.d.).
Decision making process (DMP) is a strategic activity to organizational, economical and societal life. DMP is also a key component of time management skills. An effective decision making process leads to making high quality decision which is what organization expected from managers. (Bloomberg businessweek, n.d.).
In my current organization, the rational decision making process is most prevalent used normally. This rational decision making process consists of sequence of steps designed to rationally develop an utmost desired solution. The followings are the steps:
1. Identifying a problem or opportunity- This first step is part of framing the problem to recognize a problem or to see opportunities.
2. Gathering information – Once the problem or opportunity is identified,…...

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