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Everybody in America wants to be wealthy. We also want to be well-known and well-respected in society. The desire to be successful in our careers and profession we choose is just as important. To be successful an individual would choose a profession that would allow them to advance and climb the corporate ladder. Each and every profession has a standard code of ethics and professional values. Likewise, each has their own set of codes within the corporation or company. A person choosing their profession should really consider their own values and ethics before pursuing a professional career in an area that would later be conflicting with ones self-conscience. Professional values are usually framed from our own personal values. The customs, beliefs, and ideas we hold dear are our values. Ethics are the things we think of as right and wrong. A person who has high values and ethic should reconsider the job offer if they feel the corporation is dishonest

Professional Values and Ethics
Sexual Harassment

“Professional values are the principles that guide your decisions and actions in your career.” According to Chrissy Scivicque, there are some universal values that should be and usually are held and practiced in all of them and they are: “first, do no harm; keep it simple; honesty is the best policy; we’re all in this together and stay balanced.” Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of the specialist knowledge that professionals attain, and how the use of this knowledge should be governed when providing a service to the public. Professional values and ethics are usually a standard in many corporations. As time changes professional values and ethics also change with new State and Federal Regulations applying to every corporation in America. With each new generation and new corporation forming what was once…...

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...Professional Values and Ethics The successes and failures of a company can often be attributed directly from their practices in upholding their values and ethics, and as the country deals with the effects of the decline of these values and ethics, in this essay we examine the role that they play in the rise and decline in career and business successes. We study the professional values of a good upstanding and moral leadership within the company to compare the company’s objective outcome. As we further discuss specific companies and business leader practices, we spotlight each situation’s outcome, good and bad, as a direct effect from their values and ethical practices applied to their every day business approach. Values are the standard to which the importance is focused in professional practices by an organization or individual (Syque, 2002-2010).. The unfortunate disconnect is that upholding professional values may not always be the ethical practice. Ethical behaviors are when these practices are to consistently doing what is right, even if they are not solely focused on what is most profitable for the company and their growth. Professional values and ethics are central to any organization and it is the responsibility of the individual employed and affiliated with that organization to uphold them. Sources of professional values and ethics are plentiful. These sources may include professional integrity, academic integrity, and personal values. Each of these......

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...Professional Values and Ethics Paper J.J. Jones GEN/200 26 May 2009 Professional Values and Ethics Paper What does the lensatic compass and professional values and ethics have in common? The lensatic compass allows the infantryman to set a direct azimuth or path to an objective. With the azimuth set, the infantryman can readily recognize rough terrain, valleys and hills that he must negotiate to successfully reach the objective. Likewise, professional values and ethics provide both the employer and the employee a clear path to success – a compass. By adhering to Professional Values and Ethics will enable employees, employers and other professionals to avoid the many potential minefields that inundate the landscape of the business and professional worlds. To really appreciate Professional Values and Ethics, we have to look closely at the terms values and ethics. Values are principles we use to judge between what is right and wrong, good and bad, and normal and abnormal. Values are primarily developed through our personal experiences, religious background, and social environment. Ethics is defined as a theory or a system of moral values; the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.( . The tasks of professional ethics are to identify moral standards and assessments, judgments and concepts, charactering people as representatives of a particular profession. Professional ethics develops norms,......

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...Professional Values and Ethics GEN 200 November 29, 2010 Professional Values and Ethics Every day the workforce of the world makes choices that affect how their business is run, how they treat their customers, and how they interact with the community. Should a business fail in any certain area, the consumer will find a new place to purchase goods and services. These gestures could range from banks treating those with money as people and not just account numbers, to a general contractor ensuring his work was done properly and how it will be fixed if it were not. As an employee, or future employee, one will have to display a certain set of characteristics or values the employer wants. These values can be as small as how reliable someone is, or how one interacts with his coworkers or potential customers. Everything one does in their professional lives affects their success. There is a distinct relationship between professional values, ethics, and career success. These relationships have been studied by notable scholars like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Hard work is its own reward and will precipitate the things I seek in life. The theme of Plato’s philosophy was moral thinking has to be joined with our feelings and desires. He stated that such training has to begin with our education as children. Socrates differed slightly from the views of Plato. Socrates stressed learning a craft requires care, industriousness, and repetition. He goes on to say that......

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...The core of our personal and professional values and ethics come from our parents. As children we are introduced to values that our parents feel are important to us. Slater, Lauren. "Raising A Good-hearted Child: A guide to nurturing honesty, generosity, empathy, and more.(Features)", Parenting, Dec 1 2002 Issue. Our parents infuse us with values such as sincerity, trust, self-confidence, consistency, kindness, religion, and endurance in order for us to be able to effectively communicate with others in this society. The set of human values that we are taught as a child are the foundation for our future. The law is another source of professional values and ethics around doing the right thing. The law in the workplace is known as the code of conduct. It is a set of guidelines consisting of honesty and integrity in the workplace. Stealing from a company can lead to an employee getting fired and perhaps even prosecuted. Some companies will hire employees with a robust sense of moral values and judgment to advance the company. Culture is undeniably another major player in sourcing and shaping our professional values and ethics. In strong cultures people do things because they believe it is the right thing to do. But in many cases it shapes our values in a negative sense. It would be difficult to disconnect media from today’s culture. In today’s society, we frequently question the relevance of personal values and professional ethics. Reality television shows often......

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