Project Roles and Responsibilities

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Project Roles and Responsibilities
This template can be used to define roles and responsibilities – Below is a few typical examples of the different types of roles involved in delivering a project and their respective responsibilities. Title Project Manager Role The person responsible for developing, in conjunction with the Project Sponsor, a definition of the project. The Project Manager then ensures that the project is delivered on time, to budget and to the required quality standard (within agreed specifications). He/she ensures the project is effectively resourced and manages relationships with a wide range of groups (including all project contributors). The Project Manager is also responsible for managing the work of consultants, allocating and utilising resources in an efficient manner and maintaining a co-operative, motivated and successful team.

Responsibilities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Managing and leading the project team. Recruiting project staff and consultants. Managing co-ordination of the partners and working groups engaged in project work. Detailed project planning and control including: Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan. Managing project deliverables in line with the project plan. Recording and managing project issues and escalating where necessary. Resolving cross-functional issues at project level. Managing project scope and change control and escalating issues where necessary. Monitoring project progress and performance. Providing status reports to the project sponsor. Managing project training within the defined budget. Liaises with, and updates progress to, project board/senior management. Managing project evaluation and dissemination activities. Managing consultancy input within the defined budget. Final approval of the design specification. Working closely with users to ensure the project meets business…...

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