Pros and Cons of Unions Today

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Pros and Cons of Unions Today

GB 541: Employment Law
Unit 6: Research Paper Assignment (Final)
June 12, 2014
Prof. K. Rauch

Unions in America
Currently, there is are over 60 unions representing over 14 million workers throughout the country. A labor union is defined as an organization intended to represent the collective interests of workers in negotiations with employers over wages, hours and working conditions. Labor unions are often industry-specific and tend to be more common in manufacturing, mining, construction, transportation and the public sector (Labor Unions, 2014). Congress enacted the National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA") in 1935 to protect the rights of employees and employers, to encourage collective bargaining, and to curtail certain private sector labor and management practices, which can harm the general welfare of workers, businesses and the U.S. economy (National Labor Relations Act, 2014). Labor union s are mostly associated with Democratic Party and supports them during election. When unions are powerful, they boost the incomes of not only their members but also of nonunion workers in their sector or region. Labor unions strive to improve the lives of all working families by bringing economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation. Also, it is important because most corporations focus on creating profits at the expense of employees.
Unions are very prevalent in the United States presently and has a long history behind it. Today there are about 16 million workers in the U.S. that belong to a labor union. The great depression brought about the creation of the National Labor Relations Act (1935) which resulted from previous legislation called the National Industrial Recovery Act. Union membership grew during this time as America was changing from an agricultural society to an industrial society…...

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