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One of the most cliché expressions that we commonly used is the term, “Prevention is better than cure.” This is because it is easier to do precautions and avoid the difficulties, rather than experiencing the conflicts and dealing with all the complications that it will bring. With that being said, comes the best solution that we can possibly suggest to all, and that is awareness.

As the cases of HIV, STIs and AIDS continue to increase not only here in the Philippines, but also around the world, certain precautions and measures must be implemented in order to counter the consequences. Those who are suffering from this crisis are those aged 15-24 years old, of which fifty percent are women.

According to the research and studies, it has been said that HIV and AIDS in the Philippines has an adolescent face. This means that those who are greatly affected by this are the adolescents or the youths of today. This brings us to the question, “why are the youths the ones who are greatly involved in this kind of cases?”

I suppose the reason for that is the fact that the youths of today are different. They are more energetic, enthusiastic, they love to explore a lot of things and thus, they are more vulnerable to the dangers of being misled when it comes to the information they acquire. Because of that behaviour, it is up to those who are knowledgeable about the topic to provide them with accurate information about sexual, reproductive health and other related topics. This must be done in order to protect them from the risks of teen pregnancy, early marriage, violence against women, STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), AIDS and HIVs. Youths must be educated carefully and correctly in order to avoid misinterpretations. The causes, effects and methods of how to prevent these infections must also be taken into consideration…...

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