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I’m writing this to you since I couldn’t text how I felt hopefully you understand how I feel because everything I’m about to write is real. When we first started talking I didn’t take anything serious because in my eyes you were Jessie’s ex and we couldn’t really go any further since she was my girl. Plus I was afraid because of everything I been through in the past. After I actually started to get to know you everything changed. After months that we been talking for awhile you got me feeling sometime of way for you. When we together no one can make me feel the way you do it’s hard to explain but ima try because you mean a lot to me. Whenever I’m around you my heart beat beats so fast I can’t stop smiling my face blushes I get all these butterflies in my stomach. Your special to me tye and I’m not giving up on us. You always kept it 100 with me and that I’m thankful for that because no guy has ever did. You’re different in many ways. All I know is when you got something you got to give it your all and not hold back. I’m not going to let you pass me by. I don’t want to lose you I know you tired of my crazy wild ways and have many concerns about me even when I’m not around. Best believe when I’m out with people I know nothing is happening because at the end of the day all I do is picture you and the way you make me feel I’m happy with you. I know if we try we can get through any situation together. One thing I’m not trying to do is waste your time or mine but we already put in too much time to just let go. Yes the easiest thing to do is just let go and leave but you got to stick it out and work it out. You have to go through rough patches to get to the good sometimes to make it stronger. I love our sex which you already know that because my pussy gets all soaked for you. I can’t handle you as just a friend tye I have to many feelings for you.…...

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