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Business Proposal

Frilly creations is a unique children’s boutique that specializes in children’s and women’s clothing. It has been in business for 17 years and in 2009, its tremendous growth enabled them to be able to move to a larger location. They have managed to continue to be very successful even without having a strong online presence. However, because of this, it makes an online expansion seem to be an attractive and low-cost way to increase their sales even more so. This online expansion business proposal outlines the viability of the children’s clothing market, including, but not limited to online competition issues, marketing strategies that can overcome these issues, and even how the use of social media can help to increase their profitability.
Boutiques which specialize in children’s clothing, as well as women’s clothing are in most instances single stores. Because of this, a lot of times they have a lot to gain from expanding their business into the online phase. In 2013, in the United States clothing accounted for roughly 18% of all online sales. This number includes men, women, and children but also undoubtedly continue to grow because people will continue to shop online because it is more convenient, not to mention sometimes even cheaper because of the promos that are given. It is said that the annual growth rate for online retail sales since 2007 is 19% (Ben-Shabet, Moriarty, & Nilforoushen, 2014). And undoubtedly, convenience is a big part of that growth trend. The market for more exclusive items, such as designer clothing, is directly aligned with the financial strength of the consumer. The more exclusive and expensive of an item a consumer has the more confidence they possess. With unemployment at a 5-year low, it is expected that in the coming years consumers will continue to shop and spend money online in all areas of…...

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