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Incident 2-2: Bad Times at Quality Shoe
Christopher Laurent
September 23, 2010
Craig Fowler

Incident 2-2: Bad Times at Quality Shoe 1. I believe that Mack’s approach to solving this problem is wrong. Although getting the input of an employee that has been with the company for a long time is good he should not have promised to implement their decision in its entirety. He gave the employee’s too much freedom to solve this problem without his input. 2. If I was Ralf I would start by ensuring that I understand exactly what the problem is. I would then collect the facts about what the end results need to be. I would then have a meeting with my fellow employees and inform them of the situation and request them to write out any suggestion they have to remedy the situation and submit it to me. I would then evaluate the suggestions and choose the three I felt where the best alternatives. I would then have another meeting with my fellow employees and go over the three suggestions I felt were the best ones. I would then ask them to write down which one they felt was the best suggestion to go with and then analyze the results. If there was a tie between any of them I would use my vote to choose the one I felt was best. I would then submit my results to Mack. 3. I believe that if he does not feel that the group’s decision is reasonable he should have a meeting with the employees and discuss why he feels the decision is unreasonable and give them some suggestions as to what he feels could be done and get their input on which one they feel is the best alternative to go with.
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