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Finding key time-drivers throughout the organization and analyzing its possible solutions

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612 Course 612

Live Project 2014-12-11

This report investigates what the key time drivers are throughout the NGO Reach for Change (R4C). Our main focus has been to find time drivers and needed support functions throughout the organization and come up with solutions to improve efficiency in time management. A mission to decrease workload, keep employees happy and output level constant. Due to an already stressed and over-worked work force, recommended solutions have been of low effort and relatively high benefit nature. Initially we recommend that R4C start to focus on improving structures on how to find information and documents. This shall be achieved by standardize folder-structure routines and use of indexation.


612 Course 612

Live Project 2014-12-11

Table of contents
I page number I

1 Introduction
1.1 The purpose of the Live Project 1.2 Project objectives 1.3 The scope of the project 1.4 Introduction to Reach For Change 1.5 Business incubators for social entrepreneurs

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2 Methodology
2.1 Pre-study 2.1.1 Meetings with members of R4C 2.2 Data gathering 2.2.1 In-depth interviews 2.2.2 Survey/Questionnaire 2.3 Use of models and theories

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3 Analysis
3.1 Analysis Part 1 3.1.1 Input-transformation-output model 3.1.2 Operations 3.1.3 The 4V’s process 3.1.4 Service process 3.1.5 Four-stage model of operations 3.2 Analysis Part 2 3.2.1 Three stages of analysis 3.2.2 Root problems and possible solutions

4 Recommendations and risk analysis
4.1 Recommendations 4.2 Initial solution 4.3 Illustration of time saved a year from…...

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