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I am Karthick Kumar living in London UK. I have already done Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology at P.S.N.A College of Engineering and Technology, Anna University, Dindigul, India and now I am currently doing my Masters MBA in Human Resource Management and Global Marketing at London School of Business and Finance, London, under University of Wales I am applying for good positions in Technical / Customer Services side as I have a unique combination of both the Technical skills which I have gained through my Bachelors in Information Technology. I have strong base in call handling, Customer Satisfactions, One time solution I have worked in a MNC for 1.5 Years called HCL TECHNOLOGIES in India as Technical Support Officer for British Telecom. Now By undergoing MBA in Human Resource Management I have started gaining a lot of strong management skills which gives a great competitor advantage to me. I am seeking for new opportunities which I would use at the best and that will take me to great heights in future.

I'm Karthick Kumar I live in London currently. Also I got experience in Customer Services. As one fine day I got a customer regarding his broadband connection issue through phone. I tried and fixed his broadband issues by taking virtual screen systems so as he could sit ideal and watch what I was working in his system. Then I made him to upgrade his connection plan, first he was paying 13 pounds and after the call he paid 23pounds. This was the moment that I felt that I sold my company's product to the customer.

I am Karthick Kumar living in London UK. I have already done Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology at P.S.N.A College of Engineering and Technology, Anna University, Dindigul, India and now I am currently doing my Masters MBA in Human Resource Management and Global Marketing at London School of Business and Finance, London,…...

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