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General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Examination June 2010

English Language (Specification B)
Unit 1 Categorising Texts 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm Thursday 27 May 2010
For this paper you must have: l a 12-page answer book.


Time allowed l 2 hours Instructions l Use black ink or black ball-point pen. l Write the information required on the front of your answer book. The Examining Body for this paper is AQA. The Paper Reference is ENGB1. l Answer two questions. l here are two sections: T Section A: Text Varieties Section B: Language and Social Contexts. l Answer Question 1 from Section A. l Answer either Question 2 or Question 3 or Question 4 from Section B. l At the very start of the examination, tear along the perforations to detach the questions on page 2. l Do all rough work in the answer book. Cross through any work that you do not want to be marked. Information l The maximum mark for this paper is 96. l There are 48 marks for each question. l You will be marked on your ability to: – use good English – organise information clearly – use specialist vocabulary where appropriate. Advice l is recommended that you spend one hour on each section, with 15 minutes on the reading and It preparation of the data and 45 minutes for writing each answer.



2 Section A – Text Varieties Answer Question 1. You are advised to spend one hour on this section. You may detach this page by tearing along the perforations. Question 1 0 1 Study the Texts A–F on the next six pages. These texts illustrate different varieties of language use. Discuss various ways in which these texts can be grouped, giving linguistic reasons for your choices. (48 marks) Section B – Language and Social Contexts Answer either Question 2, or Question 3, or Question 4. The texts for Questions 2, 3 and 4 are on pages 10–12. You are advised to spend one…...

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...CASE STUDY 123 SYNTHESIS 130 LIFE'S WORK 136 The first step in a testy negotiation The rise of women and the silence of men Former Irish president Maiy Robinson on wielding influence »(ähoiit authority Managing Your Professional Growth MANAGING YOURSELF Know what really motivates you. by Heidi Grant Halvorson and E. Tory Higgins n n what kinds of situations are you most effective? What factors strengthen—or U undermine—your motivation? People answer these questions in very different ways, and that's the challenge at the heart of good management—whether you're managing your own performsince or someone else's. One-size-fits-all principles don't work. The strategies that help you excel may not help your colleagues or your direct reports; what works for your boss or your mentor doesn't always work for you. Personality matters. In business the most common tool for identifying one's personality type is the Myers-Bdggs Type Indicator. But the problem with this and many other assessment tools is that they don't actually predict performance. (In fairness to Myers-Briggs, it doesn't claim to.) These tests will tell you about attributes—such as your degree of introversion or extroversion, or your reliance on thinking versus feeling—that indicate what you like to do, but they tell you very little about whether you are good at it, or how to improve if you're not. Fortunately, there is a way of grouping people into types......

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