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Reflection on the Concept of Leadership
When I think of the concept of leadership I see someone whom has the desire and the willingness to lead a group of people, department or organization to success. Success is typically not a smooth nor an easy road. There are many ups, downs and bumps along the way to achieving success. Making a difference is what sets one apart as a leader. One must have courage and confidence in what they believe makes them a strong leader. Even if a leader has the above characteristics they can still be unsuccessful if they are not able to build trust and confidence among their team. One can be a great leader, but without credibility among those whom follow, leadership will not exists. Guarding and protecting ones credibility is essential in leadership. (DePree, M 1997)
Inspiration is important as well and will assist in overcoming setbacks as well as solving problems. When a leader inspires people they assist them to see a better future. The concept of leadership is not something that is only learned. I believe that one is born with leadership qualities and has to work to attain the credibility to reach their potential.
Unfortunately, I have seen a CNO lose her credibility among her team members after seventeen years of service. The instance she started to lack communication, courage, confidence and no longer was able to inspire those below her, she lost the respect of her team members. This individual stopped paying attention to relationships within the organization and was no longer able to balance individual needs and organizational goals which are very important roles in being a successful leader. Once the team of leaders and staff below the CNO no longer believed in what she stood for she was forced to resign from her position. This example proved to me that even if you have been a leader for years, days or even a…...

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