Reflection on Video Vignette – Video 6

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Reflection on video vignette – Video 6

In this reflective essay I will be discussing how my observation of a video vignette can help me to understand and build knowledge of therapeutic communication and also how
I can further develop characteristics of therapeutic communication which I see within myself already. I have selected vignette 6, consultation with the midwife in emergency to observe and reflect upon my knowledge and awareness of this subject. In particular I will be focusing on how active listening and clarifying with a patient can affect the communication. The vignette opens in the emergency department of a hospital, a young woman Sally, who has probably suffered a stroke waits with her husband for a midwife to arrive and check the health and status of her fetus as she is 28 weeks pregnant. The midwife enters and introduces herself explaining that she will be listening for the heartbeat of the baby. After establishing that the baby is alive she answers some questions David the husband has and advises she may come back to check on them later in the day. The conversation was carried out in a professional and appropriate tone. The midwife suitably introduced herself and explained to the patient what she would be doing. However after this point I felt the content and relevance of the communication was lost on the patient and her husband. In particular, the way that the midwife did not elaborate on the health of the fetus and that she failed to directly answer their questions regarding the effects the radiation from a CT scan may have on the unborn child. I think that in a situation as scary as suffering a stroke while pregnant, the healthcare professionals need to be mindful of clarifying all information and healthcare options available to the patient and family so they are able to give informed consent. I think…...

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