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Building Relationships
“Just Because”
Relationships are key to what PI is trying to establish as it helps other businesses. Perceptionicity was a phrase coined, “to define and encompass all the processes used to align perceptions within organizational and/ or corporate cultures.” (Aguayo, 4). With the help of the City of Influence, this section will help explain why developing relationships are key in order to help this idea of Perceptionicity expand across the business world. These principles include but are not limited to how relationships help motivate, how to develop relationships and the advantages to developing relationships in this way.
Relationships Help Motivate Most, if not all businesses have employees. Whether it is one to one hundred thousand, the idea of motivation is applicable to these businesses. As an owner or manager we need to think, “When you are not around what motivates your employees?”(Aguayo, 5). This is important, because often owners or managers are not around! Without proper motivation or any motivation; how will the employee produce positive results for the business? PI can have an impact on businesses by helping their management realize this principle. A way to help with this is to not have relationship arrogance within the company. Relationship arrogance means to “prioritize relationships based on a forecasted return on investment.” (Stewart, 50). In a blunter manner, it is to only make relationships with those whom you can get what you want or need. From City of Influence, chapter 8 describes how relationship arrogance can destroy a business. At one point the main character, Jack Green explains why he was avoiding certain people at a meeting. He said, “I was there to network and get new clients. I didn’t want to waste all my time talking to someone who couldn’t help me grow my business” (Stewart, 49).…...

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