Resistant to Change

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Resistance to change
Organization Change can be defined as an influence where a company or an organization moves away from the normal state and schedules towards better goals in order to increase its effectiveness and also keep up with the changing markets and technologies(Donaldson, 1996). During the change process in the organization, resistance is always expected from various teams and individuals which include the organizational level, the group level and also the individual level. Perren (1996) tried to describe resistance as a reaction that usually occurs when someone is in distress, which comes about in order to reduce the distress levels. The change agents can manage this resistance by getting to understand the reasons for change and also give you the opportunity for planning on the strategies to follow in addressing the said factors. There are several reasons that bring about resistance. They can be divided into two main parts which include organization resistance and individual resistance:
Organizational resistance: Most organizations are usually conservative when it comes to change, and in most cases they tend to be paranoid hence resisting change. Some of the reasons for this kind of resistance include:
Threat of power: With the change process, some groups within the organization may become more powerful than a specific manager therefore he may be opposed to change. He may also be afraid of losing control if the change requires reduction in powers of that specific individual. By reducing the said manager’s power, his prestige and reputation may be affected hence the resistance.
Group inertia: Individuals in an organization may resist change because the group they belong to does not agree with the said change. This may come about especially when members of higher rank resist the change, the lower ranking managers may be afraid to go against their…...

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