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Importance of HRM
Review of employee needs
Efficient human resources management regularly reviewed the employee need and suggest for proper action. Improving compensation packages: Rewarding employees who have good work results is very motivating. Compensation packages can include holiday bonuses, end of year bonuses, holidays, awards, promotions and more.

Training workers: An another responsibility of the HR managers is to train employees by organizing training programs and determining the easiest and most appropriate way of introducing these training programs based on the employee’s needs.
Safety: Employers have an obligation to provide safe working conditions. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations through maintaining accurate work logs and records, and developing programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities.

Employees want autonomy: Giving your employees freedom over how they work can actually make them more productive. Unless you're managing an assembly line, give your employees the freedom to work in a way that works for them.

Employees want flexibility: Set up a flexible vacation policy or a telecommuting policy that enables employees to work from home. It involves a great deal of trust.

Employees want attention: Just because you're giving employees the control they crave doesn't mean they don't want guidance and feedback. Checking in with them every few weeks, even if it's just for a minute or two. "Look them in the eye and ask how things are going. Find out what's really going on in their world.

Employees want open-mindedness: When your employees come to you with their ideas, you need to treat them with equal parts sensitivity and honesty. Be sensitive because, the more an employee gets shot down by an authority figure, the less likely he or she will be to make suggestions in the future.…...

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