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Report for Maxi Boutique 3
Prospecting 3
Pre-Approach/Presentation/Script 4
Approach/Script 4
Handling Objectives/Script 5
Handling Objectives/Script 6
Closing 7
Follow Up Call/Remarks 7
Conclusion 8
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Report for Maxi Boutique/Prospect Hair Boutique and c/o is the NEW hair salon in town that everyone is talking about. My cousin, Julie works there and I was introduced to the owner which is family of Sisters, Myra, Mika and Maxine (also owner of the Maxi chain of Hair Boutiques). They expressed to me they thought my facial skin look so good for my age and ask me what I used. In addition to that I also heard them comment they want to sell other items at the Hair Boutique store like costume jewelry, perfumes and also have a cosmetic skin care counter. Upon hearing this information I knew they would be a great prospect. My franchise of Amway products vary from 500 items. The Amway franchise I have sells jewelry, perfumes, handbags and most important Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care serum lotion. Since they commented on my skin and did tell them what I used which they are interested in; I thought to myself they would be also a good prospect to be an IBO as well. So I quickly arrange a meeting with the Sisters to give them a presentation the next day for the facial lotion serum I use and other products. This would be a great opportunity for them and me. The company Amway has grown in the past fifty years. The style of selling strategy is indirect marketing. Amway has merge with companies like Artistry Cosmetics, Nutralite Nutrition Supplements, Legacy of Clean, eSpring, Fulton Street Market and many other companies’ affiliation... I plan to do sales…...

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