School Safety in America

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1. This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion.
2. References and citations are to be in APA format 6th edition when used in the paper.
3. Paper is to be 6 pages in length of text material. Cover pages, abstracts, and references pages are to be completed with this research paper, but do not count towards the 6 page minimum requirement.
4. Proper grammar and spelling are required.
5. All topics must be sent to instructor in Week 1. The instructor will work with you on selection of an appropriate topic for the research.
6. If you have questions, email the instructor directly.
7. Double spacing will be utilized.
8. Use 5 resources and no www sites can be utilized unless properly constructed as outlined in the APA 6th edition manual.
9. No or other type materials will be accepted as a reference. (Please use scholarly journals or materials of this type and books).
10. Do not use any cases or any case related material about famous celebrities.
11. Do not cut and paste materials. This is your research use your own language.
12. Cut and paste if noted in a paper will result in a zero being given. Students will different styles of font being utilized may be deemed as a cut and paste paper and could be graded with a zero. Please pay attention to your work and how it is submitted. Proofread all of your work before submission.
13. The paper must be written in 3rd person. No I, he, or she references to 1st person.
14. Papers will be graded on logic, flow, meaning and relevance to a subject as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
15. No bibliography will be accepted. A life history on a person is not a research component and will not be accepted if a person is given out as a topic. Information must include the person’s contribution to criminal justice and how it has impacted criminal…...

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...English 28 Section #6913 Professor Sahgalp 17 April 2012 High School Safety The prevailing attitude that the American parents have towards high achieving schools is their one of the safest places for their children to be at. They believe that the can protect them from any harm. Polytechnic High School (Poly High) is among the list of those high achieving schools. However, the Poly high campus can improve its safety with a few simple steps: fixing leaks, better security staff and equipment, and controlling car traffic in the outside perimeter of school grounds. The first way to improve Poly High’s safety is by fixing any water leaks. These leaks are cause by constant rain or broken pipes. A water leak can hurt an individual, by making the ground area slippery as students walk over it without noticing. Also the humidity from these leaks produces the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungus-like forms. The mold and fungus can be very hazardous when making contact with it or breathing in the hazardous toxins it exhales. Lasty water leaks increase allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The humidity from the water not only grows mold, but It also attracts mosquitos, and increase pollen counts. Several hazardous effect can be simply fixed by just fixing the leaks. Secondly, the campus could be even safer by increasing and improving security guards, and equipment. Stated by school districts nationwide, every school campus must have at least two police or security units......

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...Introduction When thinking about legal concerns with schools there are a lot of concerns of which schools have to take precaution. When dealing with school records and special education records there is a confidential agreement that certain papers must be sealed and not open to the public. Let’s take a look into what can cause schools to face a lawsuit. School Safety One of the most important things about school is safety. Parents above anything want there kids to be safe while at school. When something major happens parents ask: “what did the school do to make sure my child was safe?” Most school has employed a resource officer who makes sure the school is safe for student and staff. High school employs deputy from the local police department to maintain safety. A thing that a lot of schools are adding into their school is a crisis prevention plan. The purpose of this plan is to make sure that everyone in the school building is safe and protected from harmful ways. In the case that an issue arrives then there is a plan that will cover the school from any lawsuit. Failure to protect the safety of students and staff can cause a major issue and face big lawsuits. If a school is found to be unsafe for students and staff then not only will this fall on the principals but it will fall on all who is involved in protecting the safety of students. Before a school can have a learning environment it must be a safe environment. Supervision Duties Being not where you’re......

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...When asked to provide some comparisons and differences of fire prevention programs in North America and programs in other parts of the world, I can actually say I have seen examples first hand. Living here in Germany as a US Army safety officer gives me a distinct opportunity to see ways that programs work differently. Some of the similarities I have seen are the active fire safety campaign that departments on both sides of the pond use. Here in Europe we have a free fire and carbon monoxide detector program available to the public along with a fire inspection program similar to the ones in North America. Another common theme is that both programs are funded by tax revenue on the local level. Fire safety is taught in schools on both continents and the German school system takes a very active role in educating young citizens and fire fighters are a regular sight in the community, as they are in the USA as well. There are several differences that are very obvious. Public awareness campaigns are run differently as we do not use billboards in Germany, so a lot of effort is put into face-to-face interaction with fire departments and the public. Every town has several community fests and the fire department is almost always there providing literature and talking to citizens. Another difference I have noticed is with the funding of programs. The German population has a considerable higher tax rate and it seems that more funding comes from the national level than it does in...

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...issue of race in America is now widely regarded as a socioeconomic issue whereas a few decades ago, racism was a more violent word. This is to say that race these days usually boils down to a debate as to how it determines a person’s opportunities in life. Affirmative action was created to help shift the equilibrium struck in the U.S. as far as statistics of African Americans working in high-paying professional environments are concerned. A consequence of this action was seen in the case Bakke v. UC Regents, a case in which medical schools were setting aside racial quotas and accepting this quota of African-American students even though it was proven that their test scores were generally lower (Abernathy 1233). These quotas are not just for either race and racial equality is ultimately set when race doesn’t play a factor in whether someone gets hired or accepted into a position. There has been a host of court cases in America dealing with this “Affirmative action” issue in colleges and graduate schools. A look at this progression will help people to understand where Affirmative action is today and how colleges accept students based on race. Bakke v. UC Regents is an example case of a bigger issue in America about the fairness of affirmative action. This case is also what the first case to appear that really dealt with a racial bias as it was concerned to acceptance into a professional school. While affirmative action is not the reason in which this school set......

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...Running Head: Safety in Schools Safety in Schools Strawberry Rosario ENG 215 Research and Writing Professor Allegra Strayer University June 13, 2011 Safety in Schools Today, school officials deal with violence, drugs, weapons, gangs, shootings, murders and theft to name a few, the public school system should prioritize security services on campus. Parents want to feel that their children's school is safe and secure. Since violence in schools has increased drastically, police officers, video surveillance, and metal detectors are security tools that should be used and installed in schools to improve a safer environment for students. School Resource Officers (SROs) are often sworn police officers employed by the local Police Department and assigned to patrol public school hallways full time. In larger jurisdictions, these police officers may be employed directly by the school district (Kim, 2010). Since violence is common especially with high school students, these police officers help the students understand that they are in the school to protect them but at the same time to enforce the law and good behavior (Geronimo, 2010). School Resource Officers are responsible for criminal law issues, not school discipline issues. They work to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact and positive relationships with students. In addition, the SRO’s develop crime......

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Safety responsibilities. But will they ever listen...? WW1 SECTION 2 Health and Safety Health and safety issues featured in this section include: a look at workplace smoking bans; a report covering how Forgemasters Steels Ltd dramatically improved their health and safety record; an examination of company policies towards AIDS in the workplace; and an evaluation of how health and safety issues are monitored and employee awareness raised. Personnel Review, Vol. 22 No. 5 1993, pp. 15-20. ©MCBUniversity Press, 0048-3486 Workplace smoking bans R. Mays in The Safety & Health Practitioner (UK), Sep 92 (10/9): p. 14 (3 pages) Discusses the judgement made by an industrial tribunal in Scotland, dismissing a claim for constructive dismissal, following the introduction of a no-smoking policy and looks at the issues raised; points out that a key factor in the judgment was the "reasonable" approach taken by the employer in introducing the new policy, and cautions that other employers should be as careful if they want to set up a smoking ban; sets out some of the steps which should be taken. WH14 People at work J. Stranks in The Safety & Health Practitioner (UK), Sep 92 (10/9): p. 29 (4 pages) Highlights the increasing need to consider the human factors when looking at health and safety issues; looks at the role of management in developing an organizational climate in which health and safety is considered important, and to produce policies which reduce the risk of people......

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...Safety Smarts ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ HEAT SAFETY REMINDER Heat Related Injuries Are YOUR Responsibility The past few summers have shown that the risk of heat illness from high temperatures is one of the most serious challenges to the safety and health of employees across America. With the current heat wave it is important that management understand that we support the Zero-Incident-Mindset by protecting our workers from heat related injuries. To date this year, we have had a few incidents as a result of heat illness. HEAT ILLNESS CAN BE DEADLY. Every year, thousands of workers become sick from exposure to heat, and some even die. These illnesses and deaths are preventable. Workers exposed to hot and humid conditions are at risk of heat illness, especially those doing heavy work tasks or using bulky protective clothing and equipment. Some workers might be at greater risk than others if they have not built up a tolerance to hot conditions. What is heat illness? The body normally cools itself by sweating. During hot weather, especially with high humidity, sweating isn't enough. Body temperature can rise to dangerous levels if precautions are not taken. Heat illnesses range from heat rash and heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention and can result in death. How can heat illness be prevented? Remember three simple words: Water, Rest, and Cool. Employers should educate their workers on how drinking water often, taking......

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...industry, Safety is one of the most critical factor. Research Objectives Literature Review At a time when many companies are emphasizing on improving their business processes, operational efficiency and enhancing pro people focus, safety is one of the most important areas of improvement. It becomes even more critical in a labor intensive industries like manufacturing and construction. Most of the industries have adopted a well set standard operating procedures and efforts are on to get it better day by day. The focus of our study has been to identify the factors which affects the safety awareness, minimizes accidents at workplace and as a result meets operational efficiency of the organization. When the effect of these factors are positive, we may conclude that the organization is people oriented. Previous Studies: One of the earlier studies in this area was conducted by Cox & Cox in the year 1991 for European industrial gas sector. It had considered five factors affecting the safety parameters – effectiveness of arrangements for safety, individual responsibility, individual skepticism, safeness of work environment and personal immunity. This study was done not keeping in mind any specific industry and later on further studies revealed that model and frameworks for employee attitudes to safety may be dependent on the context and hence a generic study for overall industry may not be appropriate. Subsequent study by Cox, Sue & Tomas in the year 1997 on......

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...points throughout this period. The two that caught my attention the most were the freedom given to slaves and African Americans being given the opportunity to vote. After being taken from their native country Africa, they were beaten, starved, raped, and forced to work extremely long hours with little to no sleep. One word to describe the treatment of slaves is, horrible. They were finally granted freedom during the Reconstruction period. Although, they were free, life was still extremely difficult for blacks in America especially in the southern states. It would take many years before life improved for the former enslaved African-Americans in the United States of America. According to Smith (2010),” the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 abolished slavery”. The first thing many freed slaves did was move. Most slaves wanted to reunite with family members they lost due to the slave trade. Freed African-Americans wanted to establish their own churches and schools. Many schools for African-Americans opened in the southern states. Strong bonds between families was the backbone of the post war African-American community. Slave marriages had no legal standing at all. After emancipation thousands of freed African-Americans registered their unions before the army, Freedmans Bureau, and local governments. White southerners were scratching their heads trying to figure out a new system of labor to replace the one that was destroyed by slavery coming to an end. Former slave owners were use......

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