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Customers’ satisfaction with a company can be profoundly impacted due to service failures and subsequent efforts of recovery. This is especially so in the healthcare industry where service recovery covers a vast range of complex issues and highly emotional patients (Berry and Bendapudi, 2007) whose level of tolerance is usually lower after a service failure (Matilla, 2004). Therefore, the need for service recovery strategies is very important. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the concept of service recovery, particularly in healthcare. This purpose will be achieved through utilising, exploring and analysing a wide range of literature written on the topics of service recovery and service recovery in healthcare. It will look at service recovery – its definitions and its dimensions, and it will discuss it as it is applied to healthcare. Finally, it will look at generational differences and their possible effects on service recovery.
Failure often takes place when a customer’s experience and their expectations of a service are different. Maxham (2001) defined service failure as ‘any service related mishaps or problems – real and/or perceived – that occur during a customer’s experience with the firm’. It is believed that the single most important factor that leads to service failure lies within the nature of service itself, which creates endless possibilities for errors and consequently the need for service recovery. Smith and Bolton (2002) recognised two types of failure – outcome and process. They explained that outcome failures occur when the core offerings of the service fails and would usually involve utilitarian exchange; whereas, process failures often involve symbolic exchanges and has to do with the way in which the service was delivered. Where customers would easily forgive when they think the company has no…...

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