Should We or Should We Not Drill?

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We need to get off our dependency of foreign oil. There are two major suggestions on how to solve this issue. One is to follow President Barack Obama’s plan. He proposes that the best way for us to get off of oil dependency is to create alternate energy resources. This would offer more jobs for the people. Most of the Republicans on the other hand, want to do more drilling in the United States and more offshore drilling. They say that having more oil companies will create more jobs. Who is right or wrong? We need to look at the situation for a long term fix. Drilling more yes will offer more jobs but who is to say for how long? Also, as more fossil fuels are being burned, we are polluting our air and our country. Offshore drilling is dangerous to the environment, it is dangerous to the people, and it is not a long term solution to freeing our dependency of foreign oil. When drilling off shore you run into the chance of having another oil spill like we had last year. There were millions of sea life animals that were affected by this event. Fishing companies were unable to fish in those areas because of the oil contaminate in the fish. How many lives are we going to put in danger by drilling offshore? If there is another accident like last year can be we really be sure that it will be stopped right away or will it take up to three months to get through the red tape from another country to fix it? By drilling and mining for fossil fuels, we are destroying our land. We are cutting down trees, the very same trees that help clean our air from pollutions.
Putting President Obama’s plan into to action will not be fast, however, it is designed for a long term solution. By creating more clean energy resource plants, will create new jobs. There would be an income for the American people. There would be…...

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