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Types of Chemical Reactions (Part II): Single and Double Displacement

For each of the chemical reactions listed below, complete the following:  The type of chemical reaction (single or double displacement)
✏ Balance the skeletal equation

1. Sulphuric acid reacts with iron (II) sulphide to produce iron (II) sulphate and hydrogen sulphide.
• Reaction type: Double displacement
• ✏ Balance the skeletal equation: H2S04 + 4FeS  FeSO4 + H2S

2. An alkali metal such as sodium displaces hydrogen from water to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.
• Reaction type: Single displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: Na + H2O  NaOH + H2

3. Valuable silver can be recovered from a solution of silver nitrate by adding copper to produce copper (II) nitrate and a silver precipitate.
• Reaction type: Single displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: AgN03 + 2Cu  Cu(NO3)2 + Ag

4. If we were to add table salt to a solution of silver nitrate we would produce sodium nitrate solution and silver chloride.
• Reaction type: Double displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: NaCl + AgNO3  NaNO3 + AgCl

5. Potassium iodide reacts with lead (II) sulphate to produce potassium sulphate and lead (II) iodide.
• Reaction type: Double displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: 2KI + PbS04 ➔ K2SO4 + PbI2

6. The metal zinc reacts with tin (II) chloride under high heat conditions to produce zinc chloride and tin.
• Reaction type: Single displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: Zn + SnCl2 ➔ ZnCl2 + Sn

7. Sodium hydroxide will be neutralized when combined with hydrochloric acid to produce table salt and water.
• Reaction type: Double displacement
✏ Balance the skeletal equation: NaOH + 2HCl 2NaCl + H2O

8. Hydrogen bromide reacts with iron (III) hydroxide to produce iron (III) bromide and water.

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