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Social Engineering

Social engineering has become the most popular method of compromising the security of personal data. The successful use of Social Engineering techniques has provided attackers and hackers the ability to breach computer systems and gain access to sensitive data. Many computer hackers have found that it is easier to trick somebody into giving his or her password than to carry out an elaborate hacking attempt.
Social engineering is the art of gaining access to buildings, systems or data by exploiting human psychology, rather than by breaking in or using technical hacking techniques. Social engineering involves the use of manipulation to trick others into providing the needed information that can be used to steal data and or gain access to secured systems. Most victims of social engineering attacks never see their attackers and they seldom realize that they have been hacked or manipulated.
I personally have sat through safety briefing about social engineering while in the army. Ever since then I have been very cautious about what information I make available to people. I tend to shred any mail or paperwork with possibly valuable information before throwing it in the waste can. I don’t leave stickers on my vehicle that would possibly reveal where I live.
The main goal or focus of social engineering is to use human weakness to gain access to secure systems and or data. Despite the implementation of a wide range of security controls and measures into a secured system; there will always be a human linked to the system. Humans are the weakest link in all secured systems.
My ex-girlfriend was a victim of social engineering. A man contacted her online saying he was interviewing high school drop outs, she met him for an interview over dinner, she gave him pretty much all of her information she shouldn’t have, and now her credit is wrecked.…...

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