Social Media and Children

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Social Media and Our Children
Crystal Y. Mays
Liberty University

Social Media today has confronted our youth with different entertainment environments than the one experienced by their parents and grandparents. Today children live in a world that provides various social network resources, like cell phones, Ipods, Ipads, and notebooks, that makes it possible to connect to social networks at any time. Technology is everything to them because they communicate, live and socialize through and with it. It can provide a great opening for children to develop cognitive, social and language skills, but because they are so captivated by the vast products and many programs offered they are missing this opportunity. Social media has also become a very lucrative playing ground for predators, either sexual or bullies to prey on vulnerable and please seeking boys and girls. The power of technology has created a new monster called cyberbully who has the ability to reach out and manifest harm and danger to their targets very easily. Parents can commit to enforcing technology education and monitoring to help their children make a successful tool to access for their advancement and also take the correct defensive measures to protect them from the many dangers.

Social Media and Our Children Social media has vastly evolved over the last decade. It has become a vital ingredient of our personal as well as our professional lives. Social media is a key component of practically every population in the world. Most adults and children have easy access to multiple technology resources that will keep them entertained, informed and engaged with various social media outlets. Over the years there has been an alarming rise of social media that has manifested increase of malicious attacks in society, especially among our children and young adults. These attacks range from mildly…...

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