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The conflict between Palestine and Israel is a deep rooted one which is about religion, there have been many killings, bombings and bloodshed over this wholly land. Which both are fighting over to have as their own. The United States is in the middle trying to come up with a solution to come up with to help the two sides come up with terms to be able to help each other stop the killing that has been going out for this long. The United States has seen a rise in a pro democratic movement. With all the instability that has been going on in the region the idea could be that the United States helps them come up with a solution to have to states, that both can be safe and peaceful without all the issues that are going on. The conflict is on a broad scale; both side completely and utterly do not like each other at

all. The only way to be able to bring peace to both sides is to have a mediator. The United States

has stepped forward as the mediator, with the chance of putting both sides at peace. It isn’t as

easy as just telling both to stay on one side and the other on their own side. These are two groups

of people who have been fighting killing and pillaging each other, for many years. “Genuine

peace is more than the suppression of open conflict, more than a fragile, superficial calm. Peace

is the outcome of a creatively managed conflict.”[Per course reading]. The reading makes a great

point that since this is so deep rooted, that there needs to be genuine peace between the two sides

and not a sweep under the rug and both sides are alright with the dirty that has happened between

the both of them. The sad reality of the matter is that on both sides innocent people have been

hurt and kill. Peoples brothers sister mothers and relatives have all been affected by this war

between the conflicting sides “Peace…...

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