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The Hitler’s youth
The Hitler’s youth was the future of the Nazi Germany. Hitler expected German children to be like: "The weak must be chiselled away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp's steel."
The Hitler’s Youth was created in 1920s. By 1933 they had over 100,000 members. Hitler’s youth was created for people between 10 and 18 years old. The boys and girls were separate organisations. The boys were preparing for military service they were practicing grenade throwing, trench digging, map reading, gas defence and how to get under barbed wire.
And girls were preparing for motherhood. And girls had to be able to 60 meters in 14 seconds, throw a ball 12 meters, complete a two hour march, swim 100 meters, and know how to make a bed.
Boys at 10 joined the Deutsches Jungvolk (German Young People) until 13 years old when they were transferred to the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth.) * Teachers had to be members of the Nazi party * Timetables included new subjects Race Study and Party Belief * Every child had to be fit and ready to fight * P.E lessons were every day from 2pm to 6pm * Gifted and talented children were sent to a special school called the Adolf Hitler school-To be trained as future leaders. * Outside school German children were supposed to join the Hitler Youth or German Girl’s League. Education became much more ideologically driven during the Nazi years than in the past. Essays became rewriting propaganda handouts. This had a dramatic effect on…...

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