Solutions to Grooming Teens for Adulthood

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Solutions to Grooming
Teens for Adulthood

Reasoning and Problem Solving CST 1
November 30, 2009

To solve a problem one must often dive beneath the surface of the reflected obvious to reveal the rest of the issue hidden in the depths below. In Task one for this course the question of what is the best way to prepare teen’s for a successful adulthood has been addressed through several viewpoints and approaches. Just as there are multiple approaches in rearing children, there does not appear to be a single solution to the problem. Upon investigation it quickly becomes apparent that various groups can look at the same issue and will ultimately form different solutions that reflect their own skew on the problem. A closer look at example solution’s utilizing life skills through school settings, community resources, and Socratic home environments will demonstrate this concept.

As an educator I believe that preparation is gleaned through understanding and understanding is gleaned from education. My solution would involve taking an active approach in educating the future educator by preparing the young to facilitate life skills for themselves and their own children one day. Equipping children with life applications of what they potentially will face as an adult is much like training a soldier for battle. Our county does not expect our military personnel to enlist and not receive training for what they will expect to encounter. Our children should not be expected to receive any less training for the battles they will face as well. This could be delivered through the current school system which is established and widely accepted as the standard for receiving a core education. This mode of delivery would also fit snugly into most families’ normal routine and would allow all children equal access to the training. A general guideline of a child’s…...

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