Some Men Are Afraid of Hair Restoration

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On the night of your honeymoon, you remember running your hands through your husband's hair. You've always liked how his hair felt between your fingers. It was soft, wavy, and almost delicate. But, that was years ago. Today, his receding hairline and thinning hair cannot conceal the years that have passed since you first met. You know that looks are superficial and that your love for him goes beyond appearance. But somehow, you can't help but wish he had more hair.

You've seen people on TV and on the Internet grow back their hair using the latest trends in hair restoration. The problem is you don't know how to convince your husband that he doesn't look good with a shaved head. No matter what his objection is, there is a way to talk to him that will get your point across.
"But I don't want to hurt his feelings..."
Men just don't admit it, but they also care about how they look. They also want to appear young, handsome, and oozing with sex appeal, especially to their wives. But don't expect them to say it.
Try to explore his feelings about his hair loss, but do it in the right setting. For example, ask him to accompany you to the salon for hair extensions or keratin hair therapy. While awaiting your hair treatment, browse hair restoration ads and brochures together. In a casual tone, find the perfect timing to say, "Honey, don't you miss having hair?"
"But he thinks it's fake and expensive..."
Perhaps he has seen people who have previously undergone hair transplants with less than satisfying results. Old techniques in hair transplantation often resulted in transplants that were pluggy and resembled doll hair, drawing more attention than the balding scalp. Using the latest technique in hair transplantation called follicular unit grafting, a hair restoration surgeon with sufficient experience and artistry can create virtually undetectable hair transplants for…...

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