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Running head: Overview of Management of Kudler Fine Foods

Overview of Management of Kudler Fine Foods Nabil Joseph Srouji University of Phoenix

Introduction The success or failure of an organization can be determined based on the a few aspects. The first would be the strength of the management team within. Managers who want to succeed must understand the importance of incorporating the primary functions of management. Organizations exist in markets surrounded by competition, and this is another factor that management must ensure to respond properly. Strategic planning is crucial to ensure the organization know how to respond to any potential competition. Incorporating Porter’s Five-Force Model can help organizations in any industry to recognize the potential threats that could affect the organizations profitability and position in the industry. Kudler Fine foods are an example of an organization that can apply the Five-Forces to the organization to identify and uncover threats. The organization will also examine the use of the Internet, technology, and how the two factors affect management. Primary functions of management Kathy Kudler created a gourmet food shop called Kudlers Fine Foods. The purpose of the store was the hastle Kathy had to go through to find fresh…...

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