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State of Union paper
Minimum Wage
President Obama raises minimum wage by a Democratic plan. The minimum wage for workers under federal contracts; he wants to raise it to $10.10. This has been pushed by Democratic lawmakers, applies to all contractors that are having federal government, and would affect more than 2 million employees. Over three years it will eventually raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. Reviewers of the minimum wage push that raising the rate could have an opposing effect, discouraging businesses from hiring more workers at a period of time when the government is trying to job growth.
Obama is staging the issue as he tries to focus again on the economy. Obama does not have the power to individually raise the minimum wage for private zone workers, also used last year's State of the Union speech to call for a federal minimum wage hike. No one who works full time in the United States should have to live in poverty. The new order affects only future contracts, not existing ones, and would only apply to contract renewals. The order would benefit far fewer workers than the number predicted by officials of federal contract employees. Obama does not want to become lamer than he already is so he is trying to make this plan the best he can.
Minimum wage is a recurrent issue that has taken on a higher profile the slower recovering economy and growing public discuss about income inequality. A University poll this month found 71 percent of US citizens are in favor of raising the minimum wage, including more than half of Republicans polled. Five states passed minimum wage amounts last year, and supporters hope that number will grow form clear across the east coast to the west. Many would push families above the federal poverty line. For a family of two in poverty is just around $15,730. Democrats across the political range have asked for a higher…...

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