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Q:1 Using the table of random numbers, draw a sample random sample (number of observations=15). Discuss the step by step procedure you used to draw the simple random sample. For the number of sales calls, calculate the sample mean and standard deviation for your sample. Calculate the proportion of women in the industry and a 95% confidence interval for the proportion.
Step 1: List elements of population and assign each element a random number.
Step 2: Start with the column six and row one. The number is 14491. Use the second and third numbers starting with 44. Random No. | Sample Space | Sales Calls X | Male/Female | 14491 | 44 | 38 | M | 25170 | 51 | 28 | M | 23392 | 33 | 41 | M | 36306 | 63 | 41 | F | 17407 | 74 | 34 | F | 16154 | 61 | 40 | M | 72064 | 20 | 37 | M | 53169 | 31 | 33 | F | 27909 | 79 | 33 | M | 35681 | 56 | 34 | F | 83371 | 33 | 41 | M | 77868 | 78 | 38 | F | 36797 | 67 | 37 | M | 34481 | 44 | 38 | M | 12584 | 25 | 38 | M |

X | F | P(x) | X.P(x) | (X-X) | (X-X )2 | (X- X)2.P(x) | 28 | 1 | 0.067 | 1.876 | -6.49 | 42.1201 | 2.822 | 33 | 2 | 0.133 | 4.389 | -1.49 | 2.2201 | 0.295 | 34 | 2 | 0.067 | 2.278 | -0.49 | 0.2401 | 0.0160 | 37 | 2 | 0.133 | 4.921 | 2.51 | 6.3001 | 0.8379 | 38 | 4 | 0.267 | 10.146 | 3.51 | 12.3201 | 3.289 | 40 | 1 | 0.067 | 2.68 | 5.51 | 30.3601 | 2.0341 | 41 | 3 | 0.2 | 8.2 | 6.51 | 42.3801 | 8.476 | | ∑f=15 | ∑P(x)=1 | ∑X.P(x)= X=34.49 | | | ∑(X-X)2.P(x) = 17.77 |

= 17.77

Standard Deviation= s =4.21

Sample Proportion of women=p= x/n
Here: x= no of female , n= total no. of observations

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