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Isaacson’s biography is a comprehensive series of Job’s stages and blunders, as he went from being an arrogant, ordinary engineer transferred to the night shift Atari because of his deprived hygiene emerging as one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the world, largely recognized with revolutionizing the personal computing enterprise, animated movies, digital publishing, cellular phones, tablet computing, music distribution. Jobs solicited this book in 2004, approaching Isaacson soon after the doctors diagnosed him with cancer, asking Isaacson to write his biography so that his kids would know who he was. Jobs promised his complete support, in which he allowed full access to himself and his family without explicit editorial control or interference.
In this biography, Isaacson addresses the question, “who is a genius," the debate is, in general, uptight and unwinnable since genius itself is always imprecise in Jobs case it’s even more unwinnable and edgy. In this instance, it is because the tech world in which most of us live in by owning and using cell phones and computers. Unlike the evident political and sport domain, it is extremely competitive.
Isaacson details Jobs several achievements well the well known by most of us, the iPad, the iPhone, the Pixar, and the Macintosh. The book anticipates that Jobs was closely involved in these accomplishments. Jobs entire interactions with Apple products are vividly exposed in thorough detail. That Steve Jobs was tirelessly involved in the creation and development of these products, even when he was seriously ill. It is a testament of Jobs work ethic, creativity, and genius. The book lays emphasis on in the testimonies that are well recognized, Jobs faith from the dawn of this career to the end of it is in his control. This…...

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...inspired countless numbers of people and has changed technology for the better. I am of course referring to Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple, Pixar and NeXT. Jobs is able to keep his company highly productive while at the same time very lax. He doesn’t interfere with the employee’s creativity but will speak his mind if he doesn’t like certain aspects of their ideas. He is known for his blunt criticism. Apple employs some of the world’s greatest minds which can be hard to manage but Jobs does an amazing job of keeping people on track with Apple’s vision. Steve Jobs is creative, courageous, open minded and has a brilliant imagination. He did not have a pleasant early life, his parents gave him up for adoption but it was his adoptive father that showed him how to take apart and reconstruct electronics. Jobs enrolled in Reed College although he dropped out after six months and spent the next year and a half taking creative classes. He got his first job at age 19; he worked at Atari as a video game designer. Steve Jobs. [Internet]. 2012. The Biography Channel website. Available from: [Accessed 23 Nov 2012]. When he was 21 he started Apple with Steve Wozniak they weren’t very successful with there first computer but it was with Apple 2 they became successful. In 2011 Forbes named Apple the most valuable company in the world. Jobs was described as an erratic manager and his style was very textbook, but he always kept employees going......

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...An apple with a bite taken out of it. A tall man on stage wearing a black mock turtleneck with matching jeans. These iconic images from the last half of the twentieth century have embodied the public faces of one of the most successful businesses and in the history of the world. But how many of us actually know of what went on behind the scenes; how did the home computer industry start and how much of it was due to the drive and vision of Steve Jobs. • Summary On a warm June day in 2005, Steve Jobs went to his first college graduation - as the commencement speaker. The billionaire founder and leader of Apple Computer wasn't just another stuffed-shirt businessman. Though only fifty years old, the college dropout was a technology star, a living legend to millions of people around the world. In his early twenties, Jobs almost single-handedly introduced the world to the first computer that could sit on your desk and actually do something all by itself. He revolutionized music and the ears of a generation with a spiffy little music player called the iPod and came with it was a wide selection of songs at the iTunes store. He funded and nurtured a company called Pixar that made the most amazing computer-animated movies such as Toy Story, Cars, and Finding Nemo - bringing to life imaginary characters like never before. Though he was neither an engineer nor a computer geek, he helped create one gotta-have-it product after another by always designing it with......

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Steve Jobs someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” –Steve Jobs. (Steve Jobs Quotes) His very voice echoed in the ears of millions across the globe, his saga, leaving a lesson to be taught to the indigenous people of the twenty first century. Steve Jobs, a man whose innovative thoughts transpired to develop one of the highest technological advancements in the history of mankind. Steve Jobs cofounded Apple in his parents’ garage in 1976, was ejected in 1985, returned to rescue it from near bankruptcy in 1997, and by the time he died, in October 2011, had built it into the world’s most valuable company. (Isaacson). After the release of Job’s biography, other inspired leaders got a chance to scope out how he lived, thought, and ran his company. All the lessons that can be passed down from his life cannot be simply described in one sitting. Although, there are seven key components that helped shape his life of success; being a rebel, an optimist, a dreamer, an enabler, an adaptor, and a philanthropist. Steve Jobs was the ideal figure head of his company’s Apple and Pixar. Yet with his success there were other contributors that, without their knowledge, Apple would not be in existence. Daniel Kottke and Bill Fernandez had front-row seats to the birth of the personal......

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...Steve Jobs The Co- Founder of Apple Inc. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University JR Barnes Management Information 7/22/2013 In the early days. Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco California on 24 February, 1955, and as a newborn infant Steven was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Clara took a job as an accountant and Paul was a machinist serving in the Coast Guard. Steve and his newly adopted parents live in Mountain View situated in the Silicon Valley inside the San Francisco Bay Area. Steve and his father would work on electronics together inside their garage. As a hobby Steve’s father Paul would show him how to take electronics apart and then reconstructed them. So this was the beginning that stirred the younger Steve Jobs interest and began to build his confidence, ability and superior talent. Intelligent and innovative, Steve tested so well that the school administrators wanted to advance him through to high school. However, his parents had declined the proposal. Steve did eventually enroll into Homestead High School in 1971 where he ended up meeting his future partner Steve Wozniak, Wozniak, was already attending the University of Michigan. In 2007 during an interview with ABC News, Wozniak spoke highly of Steve Jobs and how they became friends and advocates of electronics. After graduation high school in 1972, Steve enrolled into the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Reed College was expensive for Paul and Clara and Steve soon realized and dropped......

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...his biographies on Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Issacson was requested by Steve Jobs in 2004 to write his biography when he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. Issacson conducted about 40 interviews with Steve Jobs and above 100 with family, friends, colleagues, competitors and even with people who had ill experiences with Jobs. He was given exclusive and unprecedented access by Jobs to write the biography. This book is about a person; who was a great thinker, innovator and a genius entrepreneur who touched and changed the world of technology, music & animation industry, and computers & mobile phones industry. And yet he was human; he was controlling, manipulative, and had his share of failures and successes. Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara jobs. They lived in Palo Alto, San Francisco at the time when Silicon Valley was flourishing. His parents were open about his adoption to him from an early age and always told him that they picked him because he was special and different. Though he felt abandoned by his birth parents; he always knew he was special and a chosen one. Paul Jobs who was an automobile technician introduced his son to the world of design and engineering. His knack for making things look simple, neat and beautiful; even the part of the craft or tinkered part of a car which was not visible from the outside had highly influenced Steve in becoming a perfectionist which we see in all the Apple products today. Steve was......

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...Chantz Graham January 10, 2014 Steve Jobs Steve Jobs is a man who has always marched to his own beat and never backed down from what he thought could be accomplished. Steve Jobs was born February 25, 1955 to Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali. Paul and Clara Jobs later adopted him due to financial the strain of his biological parents. Steve has no doubt and even says the Paul and Clara are his true parents through and through. At a young age Steve was very intelligent and did extremely well in school. This is largely due to the fact that Paul who was an engineer taught Steve about electronics and how they worked. Which initially sparked his interest in electronics. Also Clara who was an accountant taught him to read and write from a very young age. Because of these intellectual factors at home, he tested so high that the school wanted him to skip a year, but is parents declined. One of the problems with finding school easy is that you will find it boring. So Steve often found himself in the principal’s office for being a prankster. Which was also a very lucky break for him because this led him to Stephen Wozniak and 18 year old who was very good with computers and also a prankster. Unbeknownst to him this would be the start of is career with computers and electronics. After high school he enrolled at Reed College a very expensive liberal arts school where he stayed for one semester then dropped out. He says he was more interested in philosophy and LSD......

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...Steve Jobs, Biography Book Report When I found out we had to do a book report on a biography many names flashed through my mind. Many influential names like Oprah, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, popped in my head. Although all those people were and still are amazing, there was one name the stood out the most. That name was Steve Jobs. I Looked everywhere for a Steve Jobs biography, and it wasn’t long before I found one. Steve Jobs is a biography written by Walter Isaacson. The novel was published October 2011 contains was 656 pages. I chose this novel because I’m inspired by Steve Jobs and what he accomplished. I wanted tom learn more about his personal life and how he came up with all the innovative ideas. This novel is based on more than forty interviews with Jobs and more than a hundred family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues. Like most biographies, it starts out by explaining his early life and where he came from, it then moves on to what started the spark, then finishes off with what he accomplished. The novel starts off by introducing us to his early life. Steven Paul Jobs was born February 24 1955. He was born into a family that was not capable of taking care of him so they gave him for adoption. Even though Steve didn’t get to grow up with his birth parents he was sure lucky he grew up where he did because that’s what introduced him to computers. Since Steve’s adoptive father was a mechanic Steve hot exposes to electronics and engineering at an......

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...Steve Jobs, the American businessman and technology visionary who is best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc, was born on February 24, 1955. His parents were two University of Wisconsin graduate students, Joanne Carole Schieble and Syrian-born Abdulfattah Jandali. They were both unmarried at the time. Jandali, who was teaching in Wisconsin when Steve was born, said he had no choice but to put the baby up for adoption because his girlfriend's family objected to their relationship. The baby was adopted at birth by Paul Reinhold Jobs (1922–1993) and Clara Jobs (1924–1986). Later, when asked about his "adoptive parents," Jobs replied emphatically that Paul and Clara Jobs "were my parents." He stated in his authorized biography that they "were my parents 1,000%." Unknown to him, his biological parents would subsequently marry (December 1955), have a second child, novelist Mona Simpson, in 1957, and divorce in 1962. The Jobs family moved from San Francisco to Mountain View, California when Steve was five years old. The parents later adopted a daughter, Patti. Paul was a machinist for a company that made lasers, and taught his son rudimentary electronics and how to work with his hands. The father showed Steve how to work on electronics in the family garage, demonstrating to his son how to take apart and rebuild electronics such as radios and televisions. As a result, Steve became interested in and developed a hobby of technical tinkering.......

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Steve Jobs willing to change a policy, program, and cultural tradition that are no longer beneficial to the group. A good communicator that listens to his team members, by asking questions, consider all options, and leads in the right direction. (Holden Leadership Center 2009) In the business community, Steve Jobs is the prime example of a good leader, who took the Apple industry to higher levels of achievement. Steve Jobs is innovative leader, resourceful; open to change, and a good communicator. Steve Jobs, “stay hungry. stay foolish” captivated billions of people with his innovative ideas and he’s thankful to use his apple team to lend support. An innovative leader that created a iPhone project so he can assemble his team on specific roles to engage in the tech activity. Steve Jobs was very resourceful on improving iMac computers and latest versions of iPhones. He gave his team a trail of questions for improvement on weakness that lies within the computer software and hardware. In despite of let downs on criticism on iPhones, he was open to change within his Apple team to improve the program and change the cultural tradition that was out-dated. Steve Jobs presentations showed that he was a good communicator that showed a great influence in the audience and motivated future entrepreneurs. (Bio 2015) The qualities of the leader that I aspire to is inspire not command, have confidence and belief, be willing to......

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... Titre de l’édition originale STEVE JOBS : A BIOGRAPHY publiée par Simon & Schuster, Inc. Maquette de couverture : Bleu T Photo de couverture : Albert Watson © 2011 by Walter Isaacson Tous droits réservés. © 2011, éditions Jean-Claude Lattès pour la traduction française. Première édition novembre 2011. ISBN : 978-2-7096-3882-1 « Seuls ceux qui sont assez fous pour penser qu’ils peuvent changer le monde y parviennent. » Publicité Apple « Think Different », 1997 Table des matières Les personnages Introduction : La genèse de ce livre 1- L’enfance : abandonné puis choisi 2- Un couple improbable : les deux Steve 3- Tout lâcher : harmonie, ouverture, détachement… 4- Atari et l’Inde : du zen et de l’art de concevoir des jeux 5- L’Apple I : allumage, démarrage, connexion 6- L’Apple II : l’aube d’une ère nouvelle 7- Chrisann et Lisa : celui qui a abandonné… 8- Xerox et Lisa : les interfaces graphiques 9- Passer en Bourse : vers la gloire et la fortune… 10- Le Mac est né : vous vouliez une révolution 11- Le champ de distorsion de la réalité : imposer ses propres règles du jeu 12- Le design : les vrais artistes simplifient 13- Fabriquer le Mac : le voyage est la récompense 14- Entrée en scène de Sculley : le défi Pepsi 15- Le lancement : changer le monde 16- Gates et Jobs : quand deux orbites se croisent 17- Icare : à monter trop haut… 18- NeXT : Prométhée délivré 19- Pixar : quand la technologie rencontre l’art 20- Un homme comme les......

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...Steve Jobs: The Leader of Choice Donal G. Matheny Anderson University Abstract It is a widely accepted notion that leadership is an inherent trait. However, there are many proponents of evolutionary views which imply that leadership may be developed. It is indeed quite hard to verify the validity of any of the theories for it is almost impossible to account for initial inclinations and environment of a future leader. However, Steve Jobs’s experience proves that making of the greatest leaders requires a combination of both natural traits and experience in the context of specific situations. Nowadays everybody is talking about Steve Jobs and his revolutionary products. He undoubtedly created an immense viral obsession with new a generation of products and in some way created the market for these products. However, the path of his development as a leader proved to be faulty in some places. Steve Jobs has carved out a great leader from the obsessed entrepreneur he was a long time ago. Steve Jobs: The Leader of Choice Steve Jobs will be remembered for many accomplishments in his life, such as taking technology to the masses, the creation of Apple, and most notably and arguably most famous, the IPOD. His biggest accomplishment, though, is his road to becoming one of the great leaders of our time. He was able to achieve this through his many failures, his creativity, and determination to succeed. All of these combined to make an innovative leader with a vision and......

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...Summary I. Brief Biography of Steve Jobs II. Steve Jobs and Apple III. Ethics and Values IV. Death of Steve Jobs V. Conclusion VI. References Executive Summary Steve Jobs has been labeled a visionary by many, and rightfully so. Though he may not be the tech celebrity that he once was, nor is his name any longer so strongly associated with the basic, commonplace components of software and hardware design that he helped to pioneer and that computer users the world over take for granted, the charismatic, passionately counterculture chief executive officer of Apple Computer was once the most important individual in Silicon Valley and even today dictates the trends and, some would say, overall health of the industry, continuing to drive innovation. I. Brief Biography of Steve jobs Steve Jobs is a great man so the rules don’t apply, is how Steve Jobs is described at the beginning of his career at Apple computer. From his early childhood, he was always thought of as an oddball or different. From Steve Jobs rise to power, to his fall, and to his second coming, Steve Jobs has always been different. Steven Paul Jobs was born an orphan on February 24, 1955 in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs was adopted from infancy by a Northern California machinist named Paul Jobs and an accountant Clara Jobs, both now deceased. Being mostly a typical boy Steve did well in......

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