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“How has Ryanair managed to become number one airline in Europe”

Table of Contents
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Introduction ..................................................................................................................... - 3 Company Background..................................................................................................... - 3 Competitive Advantage ................................................................................................... - 4 Porter’s five Forces ......................................................................................................... - 5 PESTEL Analysis ............................................................................................................ - 8 Porter’s generic strategies ............................................................................................ - 12 Conclusion .................................................................................................................... - 15 Bibliography .................................................................................................................. - 15 Appendices…...

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...Core Values Pursuit of excellence | Giving their best professional standard in all areas | Safety | Having safety in the foremost of all operations and maintaining it | Customer first | Going the extra mile beyond the needs of the customers | Concern for staff | Treating staffs with respect and advancing with training to enrich their careers | Integrity | Fairness to customers and partners | Teamwork | Working hand-in- hand with worldwide team to achieve their goal | 4.0 Core Competencies Compared to other airlines, Singapore airline has strong capabilities and core competency. The capabilities of the top management at the airline are the reason for being so. Operational planning, marketing strategies and the interpersonal skills of the cabin crew are exemplary for other airlines. The airline strictly follows strategic business and management approaches to build a bond with their employees and to motivate them. Singapore airline’s mission and excellent customer service together with efficient working system has given it a strong reputation. Creating and maintaining a good relationship with partners and suppliers has paved an advantageous path in their development. In accordance to their slogan ‘A Great way to fly’ they make advances with their passengers comfort in mind. Introduction of KrisFlyer and allowing members to earn miles by different methods was a great way to win their loyalty to the airlines. Regardless of the strong brand it is the......

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