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Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects. To learn is to acquire knowledge or skill. Learning also may involve a change in attitude. Learning is not just a change in attitude; it is a change in the way a man thinks, understands, or feels. Learning some things depends on other perceptions which have preceded these learning’s, and on the availability of time to sense and relate these new things to the earlier perceptions. Thus, sequence and time are necessary. After studying the theoretical aspect of a subject matter, understanding its practical implications is one of the prime steps of learning.
Our assignment is on history of legendary and successful Entrepreneur, which is fully in the organizational context. During the process of preparing this assignment, we could enrich our knowledge about many aspects of the Entrepreneurial Management that we have explored with the light of our limited knowledge.
The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady acceleration. Therefore, we have chosen Sir Fazle Hasan Abed - a living legendary leader, organizer, risk taker and an innovator who has cosmopolitan acceptance to complete our assignment. His life history as a successful entrepreneur inspired us to take extra interest and effort to know about him and we have become more resourceful on this living legend.


Born 1936 (age 74–75)
Baniachong, British India (now in Habiganj District, Bangladesh)

Residence Bangladesh

Nationality Bangladeshi/British

Education Naval Architecture

Occupation Founder of BRAC

Parents Syed Mustafa Ali (father)

An entrepreneur is person who assumes the organization, management, and risks of a business enterprise. He assumes the risk and management of business; an undertaker of economic…...

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