Suing the Sues

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Mackenzie Timson
Mr. Marando
Suing the Sues
By Mackenzie Timson
There are at least two things you can always be certain of when it comes to a Mary Sue: one, she is dang good looking, and two, you hate her guts. About now, many people might be asking, “What is a Mary Sue?” Well, esteemed audience, a Mary Sue is, in every sense of the word, a perfect heroine, whom you hate solely for the way she is written. She’s kind, gentle, funny, and undyingly selfless, yet she can kick the butt of any and every evil villain in existence…somehow. Let’s not forget that she’s a genius, and gets the highest grades in every single one of her classes (because she’s probably between 13 and 18…seriously, almost every single time!). And she does all this without even getting a tangle in her super perfect hair.
Of course, the question to ask now is, “Why is that a bad thing? Don’t you think she’s really cool?” Of course I think she’s cool. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Did you see what was written before? That is the epitome of awesomeness. But let me ask you a question in return: Have you ever encountered a person that perfect? No, because they don’t exist. In real life people are rude and lazy, and sometimes stupid. A Mary Sue is the exact opposite of that, and this presents a few problems. To start, since she’s so much “better” than pretty much every human being on the face of the planet, how on earth could any reader relate to her? Characters are written so that you can relate to them while they’re experiencing their conflicts, so that you can feel some emotion while you’re reading, so obviously a character must be relatable! No one can relate to a girl who is so freaking perfect that it gives you a headache, and that makes reading a story with a Mary Sue quite a boring task.
It’s not just the inability to relate to her, but her inability to change that makes the…...

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