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Summer Road Trips: A Comparison of Younger & Older Drivers

1. Introduction

Summer is the best time to travel for many people as the weather gets warmer and children are finishing up the school year. With summer right around the corner, my wife and I have started to plan out the trips that we want to take. Though one of the trips will require a flight, travel for all of the other trips will be by means of our trusty old car, most requiring an overnight stay in the city we are visiting. After planning the logistics of the trips and making the necessary reservations, I was excited at the thought of the upcoming time off and chance to relax and refuel. I then proceeded to speak with my mother and ask if she could watch my dog for a few of the trips. I was surprised, however, to hear that she would not be able to watch my dog because she would be out of town on road trips herself that she had planned with friends. A few days later, I mentioned some of the trips I had planned to some colleagues at the office and some indicated that they, too, had road trips planned this summer. After further discussion with additional colleagues, I observed that many younger people were actually not going to go on many road trips this summer, while many older people actually had quite a few road trips planned.
This led me to wonder if older drivers, in general, had a higher likelihood of having road trips planned this summer than did younger drivers. The goal of this study was to determine the proportions of each group who had trips planned and understand whether or not there was a significant difference in the mean number of trips planned between each group.

2. Data Collection

I conducted a poll in order to…...

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