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Alicia Oard
April 14, 2013
While living off-campus, I’ve realized that there lies a whole nether world where students must buy their own groceries based on price, bang for your buck, and of course, taste. Who knew the fridge didn’t magically create ranch dressing?! Well, I was on my weekly grocery shopping stroll to Wal-Mart when I decided, maybe instead of people watching I should try and compare my groceries to see what I am actually buying! So I slipped out my notepad, clicked my pen and I was off to the produce section to start my raid.
As I approached the produce section, I nearly collided into the enormous, radiant, mass of NEW Oreo Mega Stuffs. Supermarket stockers specialize in making bold displays to lure in consumers, enticing impulse buys. While gazing in awe at the empire state building of cookies, I realized that there were also a few other varieties hidden in the mound. The original Oreos were tucked around the corner below eye level. Most packages were very similar; same color, same font, yet the font sizes were significantly larger on the Oreo Mega Stuffs. If one was not paying attention and grabbing their weekly drug dose of milk and cookies, they may have grabbed the wrong type. Although, if someone were to take time and look at both packages, they would conclude that both the Oreo Regular and Oreo Mega Stuff were composed of the same ingredients and additionally the same price. However the nutrient composition was slightly different. There were 160 Calories in the regular and 180 in the Mega Stuff. There was also a 2-5% increase in nutrients such as fat, sodium, and carbohydrates when comparing the Mega Stuff to the Original. The serving sizes for the Mega Stuff were 1 size larger than the Original, but since us consumers want more bang for our buck, and in this case more filling, many…...

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