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DESIGN ■ Compact and rugged ■ One button operation ■ Easy to read front mounted backlit display ■ Over-molded boot
■ ■


Three sensors. O2, LEL and CO, H2S, or combined CO/H2S sensor ■ User replaceable sensors ■ One button auto calibration ■ Calibration due reminder ■ Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance

Software controlled pump Powered by the Biosystems MultiPro battery ■ Automatic low flow alarm ■ Automatic leak test before every use

Automatic event logger (20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time and duration) ■ Black-Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage ■ Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer

Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) versions ■ Up to 22 hours run time depending on battery type ■ Drop-in charger ■ Recharges in less than 6 hours

The Biosystems MultiPro is the smallest and easiest to use confined space gas detector offered by Sperian Instrumentation. Extremely affordable, it is packed with features. It offers real time readings of up to 4 gases simultaneously, one-button operation including calibration, an easy to read LCD display, audible, visible and optional vibrating alarms, standard event logger and black box datalogger, an IrDA port for easy communication with a PC, and an optional sample draw pump — all in a rugged, compact and affordable instrument. The Biosystems MultiPro does it all, and it can be configured for your exact needs. Three sensors and up to 4 channels of detection let you monitor for any combination of O2, LEL, CO and H2S. Compatibility with the Biosystems MultiPro IQ Express Dock allows users to automate recordkeeping while significantly reducing labor and…...

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Supply and Demand in the city of Atlantis, we learned how the supply and demand curve moves back and forth and their relation to the equilibrium price. Depending on the health of an item or service that has an elastic price, the economy can and will directly effect the supply and demand of said product or service, and in this case two bedroom apartments. Two Micro and Macro Economic Concepts There are two concepts that stuck out to me in the simulation. One of them being prices, or pricing theories and the other being economic welfare. Based on supply and demand, the simulation showed how because of demand the prices on the two bedroom apartments can increase, especially if there is an influx in demand or a shortage in supply. In the opposite scenario, prices can decrease if demand is low and supply is high. This relates to economic welfare because is the economy is struggling, and then prices for two bedroom apartments are affordable. The pricing is elastic. Where as if the economy is in surplus, we experience inflation and the prices are higher and supply could be bleak. Shift in the Supply Curve There were multiple shifts in the supply curve within the simulation in the city of Atlantis. The supply shift that I took most interest in was when the IT and Biomedical companies started taking up residence in Atlantis. Suddenly, the population has increased the supply has stayed the same but the demand is now......

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...Though this process is not without flaw. Three draw back to global logistics are lack-of visibility, unknown-unknown, known-unknown occurrences; and the inability to maximize resources. Visibility is highly important within supply chain management from one location to the next within the U.S. You can just imagine the significance it provides dealing with a country that speaks two or more different languages none of which are English. Visibly consist of knowing what is being shipped, what means of transportation will be required time of departure/arrival, and quantity. This can be very difficult to maneuver when you are not physically present. Unknown occurrences effect global logistics performance by enabling the supply chain management (SCM) process to flow smoothly. Hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes all are different types of Unknown-unknown occurrences. Though the advances of technology global like global positioning system (GPS) have been able to increase our knowledge base about Unknown occurrences the ability to control will never be achieved so preventive measures are the only technique obtainable to try and avoid long delays in the system. Known-unknown occurrences are considered controllable situations because they fall within the supply chain management process such as: product delays, packaging, transportation issues, and quantity of the product not matching the proper documentation. I have witness the headache consumers endure when their package......

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...Laws of Supply and Demand Antoinette Mitchell ECO/365 August 30, 2014 Darrell Watts Laws of Supply and Demand The collaboration between the supply resource and the demand for a particular resource can affect the particular equilibrium price, quantity plus decision making of the consumer. If the supply is low and the demand is high, the price will be high. In dissimilarity, the larger the supply and the lower the demand, lower the price will be. Microeconomics vs. Macroeconomics The supply and demand simulation displays different facets of economic structures. Even though typically concentrated on microeconomics, the simulation shows a unimportant aspect of macroeconomics. The principles of microeconomics will apply to a drop in rent prices to escalate the supply being demanded. An additional microeconomic principle displayed in the simulation is the rise in demand if the cost of rent is dropped. Macroeconomics principles come into play when the rise in demand for apartment was a direct product of the founding of a new company in town. The same principles of microeconomics relate to a surplus supply generated by a price ceiling applied by the government. While navigating through the simulation I was a focused on supply and demand and how it relates to the housing market in the city of Atlantis. It was a challenge as a property manager of Goodlife Management, superintending properties and forming the correct decisions to provide appropriate costs with the new......

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...Supply Chain opportunities The Logistics of Supply Chain Management Supply Chain opportunities are very important. A supply chain opportunity is at the heart of new logistics thought and is currently the most important topic of discussion in management circles. A supply chain opportunities works to integrate key systems from the time an idea or product is conceived to when an order is placed to when it goes out the door to the customer. Efficient supply chains can simultaneously improve customer service, reduce operating expenses, and minimize capital investment. Supply Chain Opportunities in Elephant House 1. Segment customers based on service needs. Companies traditionally have grouped customers by industry, product, or trade channel and then provided the same level of service to everyone within a segment. Effective supply-chain management, by contrast, groups customers by distinct service needs. 2. Customize the Supply Chain Management network. In designing their Supply Chain Management network, Elephant House focus intensely on the service requirements and profitability of the customer segments identified. The conventional approach of creating a Supply Chain Management network runs counter to successful supply-chain management. 3. Listen to signals of market demand and plan accordingly. Sales and operations planning must span the entire chain to detect early warning signals of changing demand in ordering patterns, customer promotions, and so forth. This......

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