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1. I feel as if the over-arching goal of education policy makers in developed nations is to maintain economic prosperity in the face of globalization and emerging countries, and to do so at an inexpensive cost. In addition to this, I feel like another goal would be to provide education for everyone. Having this equal opportunity gives citizens the education that is required to succeed and give back to the economy for years to come.
2. In developing nations, the goals of education policy essentially fall under the umbrella of “social stability’. This includes building a national culture that leans towards a democratic ethos, as opposed to hyper-nationalism of authoritarianism. They would also like to enhance their economic development by raising their current low value production, to high value. They’d also like to increase human capital and overall health by lowering infant mortality rates, fertility rates, and by slowing population growth. Lastly, they wish to resolve societal tensions and improve social outcomes, in general. This differs from already developed nations because they are trying to build prosperity and infrastructure after years of being an under-developed country. They’re essentially trying to make a “come back” when already developed nations are established, and primarily concerned with maintaining prosperity and infrastructure.
3. Neoliberalism is the philosophy that advocates support for economic liberalizations, free trade, and enhances the role of modern society’s private sector. The hope is that the potential savings from these reforms can fund educational expansion. There is a large assumption that the current education system is failing, and simply pouring money into the program isn’t going to cut it. There has to be something done! The Neoliberalism approach focuses on the educational future- doing away with previous ways and learning about…...

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