Taking Charge at Domtar: What It Takes for a Turnaround

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How did Domtar's strategies align with its mission? Raymond Royer knew in order to be operational; a company needs to have a calculated direction and precise objectives. Raymond Royer wanted to concentrate on two specific objectives: return on investment and customer service. Raymond Royer stated that the focus needed to be on product design, product quality, and exceptional customer service. Raymond Royer believed that there were three areas that made up the company: customers, shareholders, and employees. Domtar only presented two objectives which were customer service and return on investment. The mission of the company was to meet the needs of the customer, positive returns for shareholders, and create and maintain an atmosphere with common human values and commitment. The company should focus on returns and customer service to surpass the mission. The effect produced by the mission statement is being utilized by the strategy.

Given the difficulty of organizational change, what factors contributed to the success at Domtar? How did Domtar's management at all levels contribute to reducing the resistance to change? What else might they have done? The factor for success was when Raymond Royer hired the Kaizen guru from Bombardier. This gave the company an opportunity to get employees involved by using their knowledge in the development plan of a new and more operative way of the process. By reducing the resistance to change, Raymond Royer knew that everyone had to understand the changes being made and have the capability the make the changes. Raymond Royer also understood that the employees some type of incentive, so the company allowed the employees to be part of the change and not just accept it. I feel Domtar could have involved its employees from the beginning instead of mid-way or after the fact.

What are the major HRD challenges associated…...

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