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ENG 124 Essay – Outline

Introduction: Think of the introduction as an inverted triangle, starting out broad, and whittling down to a specific point. For this project, your introduction should ideally identify the research already done on this topic and how you will use the element of context to demonstrate the importance of your analysis.

* Introduce the topic * Make a general statement about the overall topic you will discuss. Create a “hook” or an attention getter, which briefly explains the broad aspects of the topic. Remember, the hook often does not discuss the texts you are analyzing specifically, but addresses the topic of the texts more generally. Below is a list of different types of attention getters: * Ask a question * A quotation from a different text * An interesting or shocking fact or statistic * A pertinent example * A personal anecdote * Vivid description * Definition (considered very cliché, and possibly “boring”) * Introduce the text/texts and modes of interpretation * Introduce titles and author names * Briefly provide a one sentence summary of the text/texts * Briefly explain the concept, method, theory of interpretation you will use * Provide a clear argument * Define your paper so as to demonstrate the specific interpretation you intend to articulate (Use “metadiscourse” such as “Through the lens of queer theory, I will contend that the short story…” “In this paper I intend to show how poetic devices illustrate X about the poem.”)

Body: During this portion of your paper, you must present your central analysis. All paragraphs should be highly structured. Summarize information for an unfamiliar reader, but emphasize analysis.

The following example can be used as a model for each body paragraph:

* Make sure to transition…...

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