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Many of today’s values are derived from respect and responsibility. It is the basis for civility and consideration towards others. We can’t get away with being rude our entire lives and never expect to pay the consequences. Our actions will always lead to some sort of punishment or reward. A disrespectful person will not be followed by good things. If a person is being treated with respect, they are being shown that you expect good things to precede you and them as well.
A wise man shows regard for another’s thoughts. Recent studies (conducted by the University of California, Davis) reveal that a happy person that desires a peaceful existence gives and receives more respect as opposed to a person with blatant disrespect for those around them.
Today, so many of us are busy with our own hectic schedules that we don’t have a lot of room for anyone else or their needs or feelings. This doesn’t show the intention of being rude or disrespectful, but in reality that is exactly what it translates into. We are losing out on so many things by being rude and inconsiderate. We miss opportunities to excel and to better ourselves as an individual as well as for your career. Since the first key step to building any relationship, whether it be work related or personal, is respect, then the absence or breakdown of respect is a key factor in the breakdown relationships and the occurrence of conflict.
Another way of understanding why respect is so important is to imagine a world without respect. Think, if nobody has respect for others views and/or thoughts, what

would the situation be? We would live in a world where we would stop tolerating each other and would become so selfish in our own thoughts and deeds. This action is defined as moral degradation. People would begin to fall towards immoral actions. In short, if we take respect out of human values, then there will be…...

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