The Birth and Death of the Amercan Dream

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Adam Walder’s Vision for UGHH:
Adam Walder is both a zealous and determined businessman who devotes his full efforts to consistently attaining his ambitions. When he began drafting the first lines of code for Underground Hip Hop, Walder had one goal: “he just wanted people to hear [his] music” (p. 2). Walder’s passion for his “hobby” is what drove him to initial success, but it was his dedication to bring underground rap and hip-hop music to his fans that allowed for future accomplishments. Walder had a handle on his market segmentation, easily identifying the sociocultural factor of taste in hip-hop music, to propel his business (Hill, 440). By creating a functioning feedback loop on his site that manifested itself in the form of a message board, he was able to listen to his customers and cater his website accordingly. When customers “[asked] how they could purchase the music they heard on the site”, Adam delivered by offering products on the site (p. 4). In addition, using a Global Standardization Strategy, Walder was able to capitalize on low costs, while limiting customization, letting him enjoy the payoffs of “economies of scale and learning effects,” (Hill, 354). His successful online community for dedicated hip-hop enthusiasts to “hear his music” allowed him to realize his vision for his website and kick start his future business ventures.

The Expansion of UGHH both Internationally and Domestically:
As mentioned in the case study his lecture, Walder is placed in a precarious position where he must decide how to grow the company in both size and essence. UGHH began as a site that streamed music to hip-hop fans around the world, only to evolve as an e-commerce website and eventually become a brick-and-mortar store to supplement the site, all necessary vicissitudes to Walder’s original core business model. Just by having a store, Walder increased the…...

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