The Comparison of a Canadian Newspaper Printed in the 1920s with a Current One

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History of Journalism JOUR 205-01

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The comparison of a Canadian newspaper printed in the 1920s with a current one


First and foremost, although newspapers have drastically changed over the years, the idea behind it remains the same. A newspaper can be described as a publication containing information in a factual manner. The type of information found can be related to politics and social events as well as entertainment and the media, sports, the weather or jokes and comic strips. When it comes to the front page of the newspaper, three main changes have been brought on, since the 1920s, the layout of the newspaper, the format as well as the content. First of all, the layout as I will further discuss, changed in the way the number of images increased as well as the way the text font varies and so on. Second, the content, has shifted from only politics and social events, to advertisements, entertainment and so forth. Finally, the format of the newspaper has gone from a very broadsheet format to a much more compact one. The newspaper I have chosen to compare from the 1920s is from Washington, was written March 4th 1920 and is entitled “The Evening Star”. The one I have chosen from our time is entitled “The Gazette” and was written October 25th, 2010. If we take a look at the newspaper from the 1920, the first thing that I noticed in the layout was the lack of images and pictures. The only image that is surrounded by…...

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