The Dangers of Artificial Food Dye

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Jenifer Lovell
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20 November 2013
The Dangers of Artificial Food Dyes Have you ever wondered why the food we eat is more vividly colored than nature? The food industry knows the highly processed foods they create are colorless and therefore appear bland to the consumer. Color adds appeal and the suggestion that the item is delicious and therefore, desirable. In the fall of 2011, I started to wonder if these bright colors could possibly have anything to do with the unexpected diagnosis of ADHD given to my then nine year old daughter. The thought of giving her powerful drugs to control her behavior terrified me and compelled me to look for natural ways to control the behavior. What I discovered was more terrifying than the drugs used to treat ADHD. Having grown up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I ingested my fair share of brightly colored drinks and snacks and wonder what effects they are having on me. What I found in my research shocked and angered me. The food my parents fed me and the food I was now feeding my children contained additives that research has shown to cause a plethora of health problems. Melinda Fulmer, in the Los Angeles Times, reports that despite research results showing the dangers of ingesting artificial food dyes, they are being used in record amounts in foods produced for consumption in the United States. According to Fulmer, in the years between 1955 and 2007, the FDA approved a five- fold increase in the use of artificial food dye “from 12 milligrams per capita per day in 1955 to 59 milligrams per capita per day in 2007.” Although research has been done to identify some effects artificial food dyes have on the human body, adequate research has not been done using the higher consumption amounts. Scientists and nutritionists do not yet know the long term effects these higher amounts will have on our…...

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